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We put a lot of emphasis on offering you top quality and service at a reasonable price level. We use modern equipment and techniques and do not compromise with our materials.

Our patients should always feel comfortable at our dental office and we take pride in our positive and low-stress ambience. We are a mature and service-minded team dedicated to continually improve. We keep our knowledge up-to-date and strive to provide you with optimal dental care and keeping your smile amazing :-).

Among other things, we implement Guided Biofilm Therapy at our recall visits – the most gentle and yet thorough way to perform dental cleaning. Guided Biofilm Therapy is an advanced approach to dental cleaning and reduces the need for conventional ultrasonic instruments and scalers to a minimum.

When needed, we use Quick Sleeper local anaesthesia which ensures a pain-free and efficient local anaesthesia. The intra oral X-rays we use for diagnostics are the best in the market and we also offer the possibility for CBCT-scanning (3D) and panoramic X-rays when the situation calls for a more in-depth diagnostic tool.

The team consists of dentist Daniel Okuno, dental hygienist Jacob Kaas Andersen, dental assistant Aida Becirevic, dental assistant Katrine Elliott and dental assistant trainee Aleena Akhter. We’re a tight team that work well together and we will make you feel comfortable and well taken care of.