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Diagnostics and treatment planning


In order to offer our patients optimal treatment planning and diagnostics we have invested in a state-of-the-art 3D CBCT scanner. This enables us to asses the exact amount of available bone for dental implants, virtual placement of dental implants, 3D placement of vital structures like nerve position for the planning of wisdom tooth removal and identification of hard to find apical lesions/pathology.

The scanner can also be used for panoramic x-rays. Both 3D scanning and panoramic x-rays are kept at a minimum exposure to x-rays thus resulting in a dosage of a modest 26 microSv pr. 5×5 cm scan and 13 microSv for a panoramic scan. In comparison a full overview with the small intraoral sensor plates reaches a dosage of 73 microSv.

We mainly use 3D scanning for:

  • Determining the precise location of the mandibular inferior alveolar nerve to the wisdom teeth
  • Treatment planning in conjunction with dental implants
  • Pain that can not be diagnosed in other manners
  • Dental anomalies and malpositions




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