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We always want to make sure that you are well informed about the details, possibilities and not least the price of treatments before we start anything. The prices listed below are examples of some of the more common treatments that we perform. If you have an international dental insurance we are happy to provide you with a specified bill in English.

For surgical procedures we implement CBCT 3D imaging when needed and implant treatments are offered with surgical guides. For more than ten years we have been the only dental office in denmark to perform local anesthesia with the advanced and pain free QuickSleeper.

Dental whitening:
We offer a variety of dental whitening methods ranging from DKK 2.000-4.995,-

Composite filling:
Premolar (2 surfaces): DKK 1.461,-
Molar (2 surfaces): DKK 1.593,-
Full ceramic crown: DKK 7121,-
Bridge: 3 units – full ceramic zirconia approx. DKK 18.500,-
Surgical removal of wisdom tooth (not including local anesthesia and X-rays): DKK 2.565,-
Full single-tooth dental implant treatment: DKK approx. 21.225,-

Local Anaesthesia with QuickSleeper:
DKK 348,-